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Which is why he has held the record for months. Mine is X_Mariposa Nice season 4 battlepass is better then season 7 Mine is PlantedQuill47 but i can play on friday. Yeah i agree, i talk about those times i killed danced on top of the clock tower and all was pickaxin me down lmao.

I luh yu no hate but I hate when people say they dont like Fortnite because of the SWEATS like they just mad that they stopped playing Fortnite for a year then got lost back in season 4. Hes good on the sticks. I hope this game comes back alive it was always a thing everyone could talk about Those days. Refreshes consistently streak on screen specifying how another player was killed X killed Y with an explosive, lets go to see his website World record in solo squads is 36 kills.

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