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Still great H20deleriouses verse was the best no debate Bro j remember singing this in school with my friends Who is here in watching this like Oh the old times God I miss the good old Fortnite days.

I used to play fortnite back in to early but I find its garbage now. Id play the game practically daily from chapter 1 season 1 onwards and only during season 1 of chapter 2 did I quit. Some times nostalgia is the best feeling in the world. Oh l listen this music when was 10 I dont remember this is song being so cringy Good times.

VexRex 36 I play fortnite and im better than you for sure CreepX 9000 Hey atleast my name isnt Creep MokeyMan0087 PS4 Gaming At least Im not an 8 year old that calls himself Monkeyman TheGamingSarco exactly what i was going to say.

I definitely wouldnt call it a kids game because its so competitive, shooting each other out and last one standing wins.

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