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Im here for the song, now im a junior in high school‚ and havent touched the game since early ‚ After 2 years I still remember the words When I was 5 I always used to listen to this The good old days that we are never getting back The fact that they sped up the building part ūū I remember all the lyrics after 3 years I still love playing this game but its a different game now, everyone is always like ‚the game trash‚ no tf it aint u just dodo at the game LWD Paragons thats wrong.

He literally did a 220 pump with a grey pump Correction: golden pump do 30 and lower rarities have less damage, no por dinero como ahora, requesting that they leave mid-game can cause pressure. So I guess if you want to feel better about yourself play console cause they bad. Lol I for some reason thought it was gonna be a livestream.

- This may be cringy but it is history The poeple that are playing this game in will never know these places or skins Your opinion isnt equal to the game being dead lol. These people simply do not understand that the default dance is the center of existence.

This mediocre game has over a million ppl competing every week in cash cups and thats only in Europe if we add all the other regions the number go way too high and thats only for the weekly cash cups imagine in the bigger tournaments Im pretty sure they dont play competitive 12 hours a day just because their friends also play You literally earlier said that popularity doesnt mean quality.

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