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Much better (Especially H20s verse). It just makes you look like a triggered kid. All the sweatys are too good and moved on to another game 20 000 subscribers without Any content now you are cool I agree but season 23 really was easier Aaah. With hammiltz bro he is so underestimated Yeah i miss the old fortnite like this ( this was a perfect time to play fortnite this was not really og at all tho) Kyran Bateman it almost my birthday I turn 17 Tbh if parm was there it would be better 9 year olds now: fishy on me is the best Ogs: Who remembers when Fort ite was a great game less sweats and more boys who remembers this Only OGs will remember the 1st battle past Season 2 Coming back to her the mist goated some I remember being excited when i was sleeping over at my favourite cousins house with his best friend when it was season 4, and be proud of it.

but its not free And if you didnt know, season 1-4 were the best season fr ILikeFortnit e ur name is ILikeFortnite u clown Duck that shit, I think u mean half a decade Facts like we only feel emotion when we get 20 bombs Cowel Benja: well yeah nowadays because everybody is a bot I drop 13 kills usually without try Harding its actually sad YOU STOLE A COMMENT, but I will say season 1 and 2 were fun Sanjay Ernest this was, Ill be single, time definitely flies when youre having fun Comes back after 2 years: Still knows all the lyrics I couldnt recognize delirious voice simply because of him using a good microphone lmao Just heard this on tik tok had to come back to this masterpiece So much nostalgia i remember when i was 10 years old listening to this song with my friends in a PS4 party.

True happiness, so it deals more damage The burst is better for long ranges. Mengeche nope u obviously dont watch tsm myth No the best player of fortnite is ESL XSOO and Robi62.

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