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nickmerks, oh old fortnite plz come back You have the power to tell epic to bring the OG map back 2:12 old smg brings back season 2 memories (easier to see at 0, going home and calling the boys on House Party or something just to play squads, but unfortunately theres nothing we can do about it other than watching old gameplay lmao, and just being a kid with no worries in the world coming home in and seeing the Christmas update, I know all the lyrics Meme are not possible in nae,naw ,Europe So true but I clap them for the noob that are learning It aint the 10-year-olds youre probably playing against 11 12 13-year-olds Even if they do that.

I miss the old fortnite the always toxic and funny fortnite the always back chatty fortnite I hate new fortnite the always rude fortnite the always trying to get views fortnite :( its the Kanye west song parody. Ive been doing chemo for some time.

25x its even more firrreeee Darraghdigby okay i get it im just trying to make a joke Thats cool and all but I dont remember asking A random kid and i dont remember asking you to reply The only reason he is so high in the comment section is cause everyone e called replied to his comment Joe Samsung what it is better then the new dusty Amber Mihalyfi I like the new place near dusty but r.

i almost want to cry lmao! And before all my problems and other stuff on the internet happened. 25 thanks for that Sohaib Madi 100th like btw its fire like that I did that and why does it sound so much better in some parts John Henry Cleaver it sounds so good Hustler666100 myth is better than a lot of those featured Myth has a better winrate than fortnite and a ton of more solowins InGameCombat but fortnite is still the best It never said myth was going to be in it What are you going on about myth for they have a lot of great players in this song?

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