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So a fortnite sweat is someone who takes the game extremely seriously? So this whole pc is harder garbage holds no weight. I started in season 2 and back then it was fun and messing around with your friends so I know you said you started in season 8 so it makes sense that you dont understand what Im saying because you never experienced it I guess your view of having fun on fortnite is different than mine but in my opinion no offense to you but people like you make the game less fun for me because I dont want to win I just want to mess around and make friends in the game but whatever Kenny McComick redditor thinks hes special Eh, or 18.

FABVL had an amazing hook. 3 years later. Its one of the best when you actually have friends to play with my friends dont play that shit. it was at its best in chapter one season four and five,after that it went downhill but now yeah its kinda better Sweats when they land:has 900trillion mats,40million kills,6 year olds,u are killing da game Lol kid drop your psn 1v1 cold war lets see whos awful Thats all you gotta say you scared lzzz I would literally do anything to go back to these times Oh man this map and fortnite, show us your 10 kd then if you average 10 kills a game I get average 4 kills in season 10, CDNTHE3RD And Dakotaz Were Lit Back when fortnite was actually fun.

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