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Back when fortnite head wasnt a cotton candy fortnite is the better Player of the story. It honestly brings back so much nostalgia ­­ So satisfying watching him play­­ Miss old Fortnite so much and I love seeing these vids of yours in my home page so enjoyable to watch fortnite bro I hope that youre channel never got end you are a bloody legend mate and I love your channel ­ Good old days when the game was fun to play Just seeing the old map brings back so many good memories ­­­ This is when everything you picked up felt so magestic and sounded so satisfying Que saudades desse jogo.

He got caught in bed with 2 dudes no joke, great story line, i was like what have they done to this beautiful game ,never played it again since then People get better at games stop crying Ay aint our fault that everyone sweat on the game now a days Fortnite is still awesome to me guys, thank you Fortnite Deliriouss part just hits different after all thats happened I know.

However, and vc, its and I still build like fortnite in this website lmao I would even pay 60 dollars to play this stage of the game again. This was fortnite best times.

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