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fortnite when he gets a 20 bomb: - Ahh the old days of Fortnite, my friends and I had a lot more fun than now (Everyone quit because its trash). It is still fun sometimes but i miss when i didnt know how to edit and build? As soon as you have landed, the days when you didnt have to build like a giraffe having a seizure and just enjoy playing a simple game.

fortnite is way better than him though lol fortnite cant snipe tho, i just go with the weapon i prefer he is obviously like that about bursts over Ars which again is the opposite to what id do). 8K likes thank youuu I agree to because its my comment I joined at the Start of season 3 then this song was made too Lol bro i get it !.

Kushinmysw1sher definitivamente eres Mxicano JAJAJ KidShifty never saw that comment before TheDragonKiller 909 its cause its from a stream Fortnite is the best game in the word You are not so good but you are so Lucky with your shots When a console player has 36.

Get some help and let us enjoy the game I never said Im gonna be bugha if you wanna play casually just make a new account Skill based match making is a thing just stop complaining thatsweats ruined the game thats why Epic fucking added skill-based matchmaking to differentiate noobs from pros and casual players from sweats Youre also complaining about people killing people in a shooter game Making a new acount is like the easiest thing ever Okay, but it simply changed my life.

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