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I get shot once and my character dies faster than my brain can register. I swear to god whatever game he joins he has easy players to fight Brandy Howell thanks wanna play with me Ya for sure, feels like it dropped a year ago Who remembers when this song came out and everyone in fn was vibing together Moment of silence for the kids who sang this for their talent show ­ ­ The one who knows the song had the best life I will never forget the late nights and the hype of landing at tilted with the bros but I fear that will never happen again I would do anything for just 1 more game like this I guess when we were playing we did not realize it was going to go by so fast but now its gone and it hurts to no this will never again happen H20 part was coldddd when this came out life was good This song reminds of the amazing fortnite season 3 vibes Xr Dread bro people use to sing this in a public squad match haha I miss the old fortnite so much.

Ive been looking for a shotty with a slug that has decent range and damage for FOREVER. orgSHSd Who else still listens to this song and remembers about double pumps CDNThe3rd and Fabvl are the best Edit:thanks for 5 likes I usually get 2 likes lets make this to 10 I know 10 still is less­­­ Edit:thanks I got 25 likes I never got that lets make to 1000 (you dont have to) ­­­ I guess and yeah Im dogshit to but for some reason past top 50 I always die to some cranker Sorry for that please comment in my latest website Your just begging go do that on other comments Also you should not upload fortnite since that got alot of hate ­ There were barely 9 year old toxic sweat kids Epic ruined the game a lil, thats not their fault, only real legends remember, like if u agree NerdOut, nd sorry if it sounds weird though.

please make sure to show this young G some love because he is a rap star. Owen SWatson u spelt H2O wrong its not a zero its an o I think is beater with 1. We had so much fun but now sweats ruined the game I do agree, best in the world in my eyes Travis M.

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