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:) And they make my favourite music. Season 10 or X: Im not sure if Im playing fortnite or transformers Chapter 2: every human has solo wins Riffat Ishfaq ur started off as bot and then it was actually challenging and that was when it was at its best but now everyone is a SWEAT Im just glad the lightsabers are gobe Season 1: everyone was dog shit expect tfue at the time Season 2: not as dog shit Season 3: noobs Season 4: meh players Season 5: ok players Season 6: average players Season 7: good players Season 8: great players Season 9: pros Season 10: sweats Chapter 2: BOTS Its skill match making that means your a bot Riffat Ishfaq season 10: noobs in bots Riffat Ishfaq yeah ik im on mobile and i won 3 matches in a row because i play with bots Riffat Ishfaq not funny, even when times were tough.

NerdOut? which is op Little exaggeration there lol it wasnt like 20 RPS it was 9 RPS lol. Im talking about the content the game brings this season Capti cry I was saying the same thing when watching this website Eternal Viper ok. The cried about the spaz cuz they didnt want to get one shot so Epic responds by putting trash shotguns in the game.

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