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First thirty seconds: SypherPk playing fortnite with him I pray that everyone who sees this becomes successful in life Get a ticket here within a hour ticket here Why does fortnite look like hes been on coke for the past 3 years Who ever is reading this God bless you and your family. Bro you are the best i cried from lauphing Yes but its a season 3 song soo in your face E These are people that are streamers who were playing until Season 1 Vertix cool the most like I ever had where 7 Alan Gajewski no the most likes ever just in my whole life I got 7 Alan Gajewski oh ok you get a like then here I gave you a like :) Vertix my record is over 380 im such a sad person i go everyday looking how much i have.

Facts, and it just wasnt a bunch of sweats cranking 90s. I know the struggles of stress and poor dieting - lost 65 lbs. Guys the downfall was season 9, lupo and Marcel squads, and pretty much everything except the delay. Theres no age-confirmation process.

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