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ToastyBanana96 he was second for me DK was the best in my opinion ToastyBanana96 ceez was realistically the best the others in the rap would admit it he used to freestyle and shit back in his day, everything was chill (sorry for bad Eng) Como esse jogo era bom man tmnc,mt saudades. I also think the Tilted Towers update map should be considered season 3 I want it to come so bad i liked it 2 times Dude u have 69 likes special number I watched this when it came out so I was sad when Dusty gone Lucksas Glover i like defeults fake defaults rune fortnite I want the old fortnite back than everyone is a default Whats your point,begging for likes,if yes please go somewhere else Fuckem i tried trapping one once.

your not alone. Me In Chapter 3 Thinking Its The Best Season Until I Remember The Times In Chapter 1. Fartnite sucks Minecraft is the most popular game of all time and now nite is dead in popularity but Minecraft is coming back and better Yes I agree Minecraft is a better game but just because we like something doesnt make it the most popular?

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