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This is prime fortnite Ôgets on bus goes to the back with boys talks about this crazy clipÔ I only watched this because of the nostalgia I love you fortnite ­­­­­­ 3 years ago­­ i feel me old­ Back when fortnite would say bad words and wouldnt care if 9 or 10 year olds would be watching his stream Lmao yeah you shoot at someone and they build a 5 star hotel but who remembers when grey pumps did 220 to the head now they do 2 and gold does 220 Cause he was broke so he could get more money­ Good memories of playing the game and actually enjoying it I miss the early seasons so much :( I would stay up so late, if you are struggling with understanding the pattern of the game; stick to a play stylemode that would work the best for you.

Keep it up man!!. Horror and Happy Wheels were his niche. That shouldnt be a problem. He would get destroyed playing console? Rugm Thank d­­ů­­ Clinton Rupp says the one who made a website 3 hours and 3 seconds long Fortgang clips no way i love Lachlan thank you soooo much I wish I could like 10000000000 times Ooo I like that but it would be cool to have Fe4rless included, but im being truthful. I plan playing Fortnite but not sure yet cause I have massive amounts to deal with right now.

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