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I miss those times. Then they got mad because they had to play against sweaty players. Jake G I wish epic would fix everything at least make all the seasons as game modes I know its a lot of coding but like really epic at least a time travel event L_ mattner it called broken skilled base i lose every game and still get into games with sweats Yeah when it was actually good and fun Now its a completely different game, their team gets a victory royale every single time Vlad Dobrota it would be called Delirious Army!!!!, and arent toxic, GTA und  Among us liebe Gre sarah Nope I didnt even know this was his most popular Actually it was my recomendatiion and idk how i came to ur comment No one asked for your hate and opinion bro Ahh sorry mate you my friend are not the most liked comment Og fortnite was just too good man, Im just getting back into the game cuz I stopped playing in season 5, the game is literally just dying :c Old fornite its just when people werent good Hextorm2 exactly thats why it was fun No, also its crazy how behind everyone was in building before fortnite.

And tbh I didnt like the fact its a fortnite song but its very catchy and my two favorites in this are H20 (cause Ive been watching him for years) and Fabvl because god damn is that a good chorus its so fucking catchy Halocene SO GOOD I cant Believe its been nine months the game is not fun anymore Fabvl killing it!!!?

Ur not gonna be the next goddam bugha. You already know your not the only one when I see something from season 3 and under it hits hard I cried when they put out the of music soundtrack in the battle pass in like season 6 The liric triple 9 mate nowadays triple 90s to max hight Dang off by a season Im a season four player Doesnt matter, that season has to be god tier with some of the best seasons Blue Striker I did play it by personally I think season 2-3 was the best I started in season 4 is that og enough for you Its a plane.

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