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Bro I was in 7th grade when I started playing this now Ill be a senior in 8 months i know bro ive played the season1-2 map too but s3 map is more legendary imo, absolutely insane that its been that long, I hope that one day I will meet you guys in real life, Batman, a better control scheme, Id stay in the lobby.

In Seven-style gear, paying 5 dollars to advertise your stream. miss those days sigh Woah this guys good maybe he should consider streaming Love this game when there was an old map and og pump Those were the og days i miss them so much I remember watching his streams back in miss old him Same bro, it was chill, looks like hes having fun Man it feel so good seeing fortnite enjoying i saw this on live stream dude im very happy that i was there and its like old fortnite is back Im so happy to see fortnite enjoying fortnite again Come back in season 7 please The good old days where fortnite would drop 25 kills landing at tilted I havent played Fortnite in so long Its so good just to see fortnite play fortnite again.

just because ive had this utube acc for 2 years doesnt mean i played fortnite 2 years ago wtf Mad people were already building by then I mean if u wanna add me ill show u my season 2-4 skins U can go back and watch any gameplay from season 5 people were building cuz i think builder pro was out i dont remember what season it came out with tho.

Then i realized it was mine 100 percent Fortnite Fortnite lets go Same but fortnite at the bottom and Dakota is above cdnthe3rd Legend loki people got mad at me for having that opinion.

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