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Wish we could go back just for a day before fortnite died hair and when cdn was the funniest streamer and when season 3 was in progress I remember literally listening to this while 1v1ing in tilted playground literally brings a tear no cap I miss the old fortnite when everyone had a chance to get a win and all that Who back here for the memories and the hype this song had Dakotas voice is sickkk?

25x speed is the best Fortnite is a shit game end of story Mol Ester mate people have different opinions so dont start a war about pubg and fortnite Mol Ester your shit(hears a bunch if daaaamns in the background) VesperLeopard47 you can see this guy is obviously a pub g player and salty that fortnite took over Mikaiver not true my brother plays pubg and fortnite and he ­ it Ya know, its an incredible game, season 2 and 3 felt so good but now its just dead Season 3 and 7 were the best for me when i got season 8 finished i lost all interest and only came back when the star wars event was hapenning I dont play anymore but even if they brang the old mapweapons there is just too much try hards it wouldnt feel the same Best seasons were season 1-7 Naming gta 5 as a example for good updates.

Epic Games just tried milking the games popularity after season 5 so games like modern warfare and valorant took over. Everyone did an amazing job. lmao­ People who crank to max height before u could say the sword sweat And now shotguns are poo unless its mythic Bro people are like: WATCH ME BUILD BRO (inserts bob the builder music) There no pumps now­­­­­­­ Bruh this is the only fortnite I remember! Hes soo much better always will be too. But I can have my opinion you can have yours.

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