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This song is better than the actual game Unfortunately website doesnt recommend bangers No it just in og players blood to listen to this Lets be honest, these can be enacted during the game which can very entertain, too childish, my ass over here with nostalgia missing the glory days of halo 3 and cod4 in like 2008 lol? BTW: it was easy to understand. Amir adam dude r u blind fortnite had 32 kills Imagine they give us neo tilted or smt like that that would hurt man Electric Gaming go do a 360 in a golf cart and go in a rift as drift Electric Gaming sorry season 666 its awesome Electric Gaming session five ayyyyyyyyyyye add me Electric Gaming yes I am Im level 79 Electric Gaming yep I heard about this and Im like he dies wth William Davies so why do u watch dis website Electric Gaming I joinnsense season 3 MelonRanger44 cause if you do i got you If epic is noticing this game is still dying in I guarantee that they will reset the game and not make it go to shit again, fortnite wasnt even that nostalgic bruh Lets all work together to bring it back cuz I still play so if we all work together it will be back U prob play COD and it was nostalgic It got better after season 2 onwards.

All the replies are so toxic. This vid is meant to be play at speed 1! I cant do anything, used to be a great game Ive randomly stumbled upon this almost 4 years later and I completely forgot about it until now.

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