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NERDOUT Whos hatching this in because there is nothing to do Still listen inand well. But the new fortnite is not the same anymore its just boring thats why I quit its not the same at all I remember watching fortnite he was the best player at the time the sounds and everything from this vid feel so nostalgic rip lol BTW if u read through all of this thank you your the best I dare him to do solo squads now season 6 I miss the fools ok days when people didnt build at 10000mph Eddyislittyy 1738 dont forget about the tac smg.

Well the reason people sweat is because it can earn you money and if your that shit you cant get kills then play minecraft or somthing Lemme give ya some advice kid. I got the chills Those where the days! Bro fortnite sucks now. Best to worst 1: Season 2 2: Season 7 (may change as its still going on) 3: Season 3 4: Season 6 5: Season 4 6: Season 5 7: Season 1 fortnite gets scar its game time I get scar a default or bush one pumps me How did I just sing that word for word Its been 4years since this came out joly sheet Havent heard in years remember every word Anyone wanna hop on after watching this almost 4yrs later Season 5 has a lot of default hackers an no Im no salty The last septic prob cuz ppl are trolling others Yea like a secret skilled player a second fortnite The best era in my life before things goes downhill I like how it shows how theyre all completely different players The thing is I still remember Ceezs full part and its so nostalgic.

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