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And they hadnt ruined the game with all the shitty new stuff and shotguns were actually good 1vs1 me if you ar not a noop Epic name zozakourdi im playing console Grimm Tv Y same wasnt it the best seasons Omg now that i think of it thats true now lobbys are just full of sweatys Im from season 1 and i am not a sweaty infact im pretty shit so i just spend time playing gta and farcry because.

1k likes wtf Im scared Bro i fuckin heard this song in a website and i couldnt remember where it was from Its crazy Ive known all the lyrics to this song for 3 years And its so cringe i can die fortnite is so over Same Im waitching it for last years nostalgia Lol me too Im just rewatching the legendary moments Trendy rug Im watching it cause of dks tweet I remember playing this in class when the teacher walked out Joined season 2. Dont depends if fortnite stays popular!

now pubg you have to pay for soo. When it was me and my two friends playin, I was just about to say the same thing, new fortnite look so boring also when I played chapter 2 there were to many things on my screen, a different thing is that You play bad Dude henchmen go down in like two shots Some of us are over the age of eight.


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