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But overall fortnite is better fortnite doesnt commentate much tho Im noticing Donnacha O Sullivan Im better than Ali a and thats saying a lot Donnacha O Sullivan he aint better than Daequan tho Alia would destroy fortnite and myth in solo duos easily Test Monkey fortnite main platform of communication is on twitch, Its the fact that 1.

Ngl this goes hard, nostalgia ;( Through The Force. I love this godly content keep it up! I remember that feeling.

holocene Here before 1mil views, wish we could do all the good times over Wosymx ur so right I miss told fortnite idk why the memories were so strong and amazingly godly? To the good old days So many memories how could they mess this up This vid made me realize i need to appreciate my time right now because time flys and nostalgia hits harder than a truck The good old Times we all Miss them. Thanks.

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