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āIm Dr. Havent listened to this song in like 2 yrs If youre watching this in you are a Legendš I rember my friend showing me this in season 3š I been playing this game since season 2 I miss old fortnite Dakotaz, thats just how much Id love the old fn This is so painful to watch, H2O Delirious won āuninstall the game because honestly youre trash dudeā hit different as a 11 year old š He dances on top of us but when we do it to him he reports us XD ForwardClover 05 same it is so good I all so want another one because it is so good I Suppodselt a sequel os being released check community tab I like the fact that you guys are having beef and Im just screaming I havent played since in January Im so bored of the game Games as boring as Fortnite, all my friends want to do now is sweaty build battles in creative I know I watched it like 3 times haha Not to me, except I still play because I cant give up on the game Lil Per I started playing fortnite in elementary now Im in high schoolš Literally 2 years ago, playing with the boys after school.

Its not my opinion, fortnite nostalgia hit me harder than puberty, early fortnite was pretty good Bro h20 Delarious was in this and I was like how I remember when Fortnite was good I miss the old days fortnite IS THE BEST OFC THOSE BARS WERE CLEAN I would honestly lose an arm and a leg to play og fortnite againā, abouth the gameplay, the way he moves now is a lot faster with all the building etc, its like old Fortnite, fortnite, you just didnt listen and a lot of rappers use the same over and over I Love Asian Kpop You Love Hate but a lot of rappers can actually rap ThePerfectCatch what did this have to do with anything Jayden Pooder bruh i was replying to someone Venomous no fortnite was better with scar in my hand its game time.

As for how fortnite responded I dont really see an issue with it. Bursts also do a lot more headshot damage Weaver Clan the green pump (which is now the blue pump) does wayyy more damage than the purple tac (which is now a blue tac) Whenever i hear this it reminds me of old fortnite OMG DUDE I LOVED THAT WHEN I TO WATCH HIM Jajaja š me imagino que tu eres noob al lado de el :v Does anyone else feel like we canceled fortnite a little too early, H2ODelirious sounds so awesome rapping šā Deliriousarmy I love deliriouss part in this so much man I miss the times where the game actually used to be enjoyable and you could meme without timmy the try hard demolishing you Nostalgia is painful man.

ā Also him thE loudest in the song They need a game mode with the old map and graphics and guns I would be so happy H20delirious is the best.

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