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When he appeals to one audience, and considering the amount of adults that play thats another reason why its not a kids game. Just comes up on the top of his head SavagePluto 3263 if thats the case, i dont think kids parents would let them buy a game for 60 Started with older people playing loads then turned into 8 year old land, I mean with the amount of fortnite he plays hes bound to get lucky. I only play 2k20. I miss old Fortnite and tilted towers :( Tilted Towers one of the best place to land­ I got 34 no cap I got 34 kills NO CAP 3 years later and now fortnite is fucked up.

Sergio Garcia aim assist is harder dude its better to free aim in fortnite and on pc they have faster sensitivity Sergio Garcia I play mainly PC. I didnt want to start an aggressive argument with him, people on website will be mean to you a lot.

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