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Fortnite has way to much competition making it a unenjoyable game. i could literally listen to them all day. 2 milion subs Salty dead yeah the blue rpg is vaulted Im watching in season 10 and my god fortnite was so much better with tilted towers and no mechs Omg remember when you could carry 10 minis 2:35 220 with a grey pump the good old days Whatssupp from the future .

Now every time I hear this song gives me an immense desire to cry because I remember the times of fortnite and the good times of black ops 2, but in season 4 fortnite was better Spite meme yea your one of the kids who was saying we like fortnite we like fortnite So thats the reason my friends call me mini tfue cuz Im only 12 It was only 2 years ago Fortnite kid.

I talked with epic game they said old time will not returnes we are just in new time not in old times maybe pls stay with your latest uptade Yep all the bots you play with around with them I think we can all agree that this day cant come soon enough Who do you know me woher kennst du mich lol Lil kid Minecraft literally gets million of views from twitch and website EVERY day Im og (season 2) and I think the game isnt at its peak anymore, which reminds me why I quit the game im in the hill tops,views real nice I like that part,but the best one is CDNthe3rd TrollBearZ 9 yeah u right i loved that laugh Yeah, Ill put him in between Nerdout and fortnite, Battle Royale and hed always find time to play one more game whenever he could.

CDNThe3rd 0:10 3. Im proud keep trying.

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