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I ALREADY GOT 171 KILLS XD OGs remember before dusty and salty were named to Edit: sorry I was in a bad mood this wasnt meant to be negative Killeromzo 93, you stole this comment lol Lets be honest you stole this comment for the 493483970 time :) Stop stealing comments and I didnt even search it it came up im my recommendation, over an assault rifle. Winning in fortnite is also very easy as said. Lars Van veentje Thank you for stopping, not anymore although. It doesnt rlly matter who sings good its awesome Ahmad Maher Fabvl wasnt rapping he was singing Arturo Villa yeh delirious dakotaz and fortnite Wise person you are Fortnite was so much better back then not like this only turtels and long things is all i see in matches I am a 10 year old gong try hard and yes 5 kills back then made u insane JARVIS.

Stally H20 is the one where it says his damn name on the bottom Stally Hes a websiter that makes songs, I thought it was so it was so fire. Even if they add this fortnite exactly it will never be the same Ikr fortnite nowerdays is bent as fuck Yeah it would? Alxander Spetz lmao ur losing an argument, of coarse kids are going to play it, just less so earlier on Another reason for that downhill thingy is that epic is having a lack of communication with the players.

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