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Im sorry that players arent people that look at walls. Please open your hearts to love and please find Jesus!!!!!!.

It went from messing around with ur friends and randoms to if you mess around you are bad at the game or you are throwing. So wack and I miss it so much BananaArms08 for a gold pump mac dmg is 220 MikeYT Fortnite Im talking about normal pump it got nerfed BananaArms08 dude yeah like 4 months ago Not really epic made pump do 100 dmg for like 2 days idk if it was a mistake then it was made backin 95 dmg It happends in season 8 i think purple and gold pump is garbage i like tac Also blue pump max dmg is 200 green is 95 SH4N3 no the max was 240 for green pump Isaiahstochl117 legit u can kill a blue pump player with just a green tac I miss old fortnite.

I miss those days, dont even have time to play to improve though :( Aint gnna lie for some reason i feel like there are my pro gamers on ps4 when i play If you watch this in you re a fcking legend Dont get fooled.

in the edit i said i meant to say after.

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