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Not just Fortnite but life in general these days is depressing. so hard to get used to all the keys trust me SuPeR SaM maybe for you bro but I prefer PC and Ima ps player? The old map, Myth, 3:43 redblue stripe buildings look empty on upper floors! Id do anything to go back to the way it was Lexi School totally agree with you, be happy it happened. Fortnite is now gone. That isnt fun Aiden Utsey yeah and we were all forced back cuz of corona Looking back at this made me realise fortnite wasnt even that good it was everyone was just crap­­ Bro 47 million views holy crap fortnite was popular I bet he has more kills in fortnite than subscribers.

Who else thinks they could absolutely destroy this lobby equipped with your current skill level Is anyone just here to see old fortnite and see all the old good times.

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