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Fortnite is not bad ā Fornite is the BEST. it didnt end up well when the guy took his drum gun out the boi was like RATATATATATTATAATTA BRRRRRRRRRA Gtgaming Tbb ovoiously he is a pro player and hes bored of destroying them If i sound bored Ill be more interesting. Then cant wait till school is over. Theres more to the world then Stampy, bring them back plz epic games I can tell he got scared when that guy started shooting him in the end, they dont turn into a building in a snap.

we were all making memories in the moment without a care in the world Now for the ultimate debateā who had the most šverse. At first they didnt believe that we actually played with screens and things in our hands back then instead of teleporting inside the game.

No Bomb!yyeah i did that to memorize even tho there is the lyric in the vid but i think this is better Thanks for putting in that much time.

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