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:D H2ODelirious Teddy bear is proud of you I love the laugh at the end of your rap đ Amazing job man I nerver thought that you will be in a rap battle and you did good on your first time keep up your work and keep doing you This man Delirious got them MAD BARS YO!!!. Good ol days LolbitGaming76 exactly Im not a 9 year old American kid who thinks hes good but Them lot are complaining about it to much man its the whole point to get good at a game HS Mefoo its not racist when its a fact mate HS Mefoo and you explain how âits racistâ HS Mefoo coz mate it really isnt its a fact HS Mefoo Lol and it actually isnt when its a fact gimme your discord lemme pattern you HS Mefoo a little squeaker thinking he know.

Had to take a look into the vid after coming over an article on how fortnite got his money. At the time of this song these are things that werent alive. The guy named Nickmercs on twitch has 37 kills in solo squad. Wish I could go back in time 2 years for this Feels like when i first watched this the game had a completely different feeling.

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