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Please Dont bother or reply to me again. Is that the only time where H20 delirious real voice came in Comes back after 3years (almost 4):still know all the lyrics Its surreal going back through your epic friends list When Fortnite was actually a good game FIRE ננננננננננננננננננננננננננננננננננ You know its bad cause its been so long and thats when the game was in the prime This Brong tears to my eyes old Fortnite I remember being ingive us more content with him lovin the website keep em coming.

its an ass game ngl i bet hes from season 5? This is so cool!!!. Can we take take a moment to appreciate גt_eggג in the kill feed for absolutely owning the entire first half of the game I also think he had the best weapons: The sniper and rocket launcher for power The pump shotgun for just easy kills An explosive for extra strength and the burst for regular battles I swear its people like fortnite who make me realize how much further I need to progress when it comes to this game Man I miss this game when it was actually fun This is put as an achievement by website as the most viewed gaming website this year, it brings back so many good memories?

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