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Tbh I still come to this website cause the song is pretty good Dude it clearly died they added bots becuz people stopped playing. Matt C No its was a body shot and back in the day it would show white and blue damage separately so he did 65 blue 35 which equals 100. It is a great privilege to write this eulogy to express the sadness that all of us boys share over her loss. Spellings like evan instead of saying even and your instead of youre are just wow.

Thank you Epic Games for all the memories I started crying when I watched this today. only on website smh­ Nitro Sugar everything is right except slurp juice honestly the new slurp is cheating but its good Edoardo Veschi hes from Chicago I believe Sparty MoBro I commented the same thing lol JoeL2k This whole list is wrong and I doubt your anywhere near that level of skill What about lolito it cees.

When the game was fun, btw, makes me no smarter.

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