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fortnite is the biggest hypocrite ever Well yeah he just took them into other but its like one sound i couldnt figure who said the worda untill i watched this Daegos Im kind of mad but it is your opinion and opinions matter Daegos I would be mad because I have a different taste in music and I like this song and Im trying to be as respectful to your opinion as I can JeanThe King wtf are u talking about Ik.

3 years on a game is a long time The game is garbage now and there is no way to get the old fortnite back That was me at summer camp, you are a legend. Ace der flamen type sein Gaming kanal is RedSama Er ist trotzdem schlechter als fortnite. 3) Epic games which has several records. I can still remember this song from 2 years ago this song is a classic The chills I just got coming back to this 2 years later I remember watching this and no knowing most of the streamers expect fortnite lol Im getting goosebumps listening to this Dude omg old memories I always cry after hearing this I remember thinking i was cool for singing this 2 years ago and played it on my mic even tho i was bad Damn this is when fortnite used to be actually good Back when the game was just starting up good ole days aint it Sometimes i would come back got his song and just ‚®remember‚® the lyrics This song came out 3 Years ago Today Brother This song is sick i love it ive heard it atleast over 60 times its so sick The fact well never play the season 3 and watch the old fortnite makes me sad This time was good its so sad that we lost this The game will never be as good as it was I remember in the party me and my friends used to sing this People blame sweats, you just miss the special moments you made with friends and by yourself.

Thats why.

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