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I started season 3 Its coming back we have dusty we got retail tilted will probably come back hopefully anarchy is coming back and lets not forget moisty and flush factory Zachary Bastien more like 8 year olds ( Im not a 10 year old btw just saying ) I just think they are not as mature as 11 Zachary Bastien so 12 year olds are mature I miss Season 6.

Good times That just shows how addicted they are, i understand that there is lots of toxic people in the community but if people didnt try the game would be shit But not everyone was a sweat in season 5. Sometimes it can ruin your aim and cost you your life, of too much nostalgia every time im here fortnite had the coldest bar in history ZADEN GIGNAC No please i hope they dont go down to that level I remember Dusty played since I think season 1 I dont remember when I started playing but I remember playing during season 2 There are literally the exact same factories at the dj yonder thing Vastwolfy Pro-Gamer gtfo only people who remember when there was one shield pot I remember i got killed by someone with a pistol when I had an ar ­ THIS IS DOPE.

Good times. 25x Michal Gicela No sorry i dont have a mom so your roast is invalid Michal Gicela she died of cancer after i was born and still Learn english and learn how to roast someone Yea this is what I said but this random said stop Uh Anthony people are allowed to have opinions I like how I was talking about the first guy he said he was the Ôking of dustyÔ Bob Jenkins fabvl was the chorus, sound effects. H2ODelirious ok I will be ready then Great Rap Delirious props to you­­­­­­­­­­­­­ H2ODelirious you are my favorite websiter save teddy XSG _ReaperZ sorry to break this to ya but he wont notice you O shit wadup delirious.

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