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H2Os part is still my favorite too. Coming back to this after years put a smile on my face but also makes me miss these times I still remember back when I had the dream of becoming a professional streamer like fortnite.

There are many reasons why players think that Fortnite is actually a bad game. Top ten most powerful anime characters Whos here in season 10 with the brutes Highest amount of kills iv had is 10 _ Oh hello there, and they stopped listening to the community. Malachi frye ALL OF H20 RAPS I LISTEN TO ALL DAY MY BROTHER SAID TURN THAT SHIT U LISTENED TO THAT LIKE 1000 TIMES Me bro still hyped everytime I watch his part I read this entire thread and lost brain cells Gk Bryce 0078 I disagree with all except CDN and H20 Anglemelly was actually not traSh like everyone else lmao Quito Gaming another word for got to Gk Bryce 0078 Ok that your opion but read that description Pumizki P I already know what it say Pumizki P oh sorry, especially because its Fortnite Man, dawg, scars are still good I remember my first time getting a scar Today when my friend got 3 scars in the same game Same my teammate killed me the second It appeared in my hot bar though I heard it like 2 years and 6 months ago Yep.

EDIT 2: oh my mistake it was only the trapper. In season 7?

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