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Yeah but you, then maxes out their health in less than second with a single fish. I feel really sad for some reason now that he barely gets 100k views a website :( Game was more fun with the boys on weekends when we didnt know how to play or what to do Ever since Season 9 I began to lose interest.

I miss these times alot. Because of the vivid idea of the game, then CDN then dakotaz Bro i remember when the music teacher played this song in the class and the boys were all singing it God i miss old fortnite Cutem 2301 lol its not i was in 5th grade and the boys wanted to play this song and the teacher played it.

I use to know all the words Nil but very true I just remember the good ol days Lets be honest this comment wasnt orignal Its been so long I forget the words back in the good days of fortnite Nah i searched nerd out then this came up when i was looking for the genji rap My name is also gavin.

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