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the fact is i miss the old graphics and sound effects? Just aim and shoot Its been 3 years this is the best reminder It is so hard to believe what this game is now.

Yes youre right my bad. When did u start playing fortnite used to be a game where u and the boys could hop on and play without kids building towers in 6 seconds and messageing you to delete that game when u kill them My little brother is a tryhard and he always calls himself for PRO in hes gaming names.

There were no sweats When fortnite rhymes time with time and dude with dude The days people played fortnite to just have fun After listening this I got a suspicious energy in my body CDN was definitely the best IMO, and some will keep playing because its what their friends play. ­ Like 50 comments on this vid say that to Ground gamin I guess saying gg and wp in games and not yelling means Im toxic.

So clean and unscathed by developer hands Enemy:omg you are so trash fortnite:i like to cut g 360 no skopes with the last bullet Enemy:WTF how did he do that you are hacking 2 minutes later fortnite:gets the victory royale As I play fortnite on pc i get an inch better ­ Im not a pc type of guy but Im learning ­ n i get 1 kill every other game­­ I just want to start over again ­ Only me that is watching this in and just thinking, all my friends know it, the real nostalgia is Minecraft sweden Lol they doing drug they got dat pot ­­­­­ 500subswithno website pretty much fortnite now I still listen to this song because its fire and reminds me of the good days before skill based matchmaking Miles Nowicki youre the one watching a Fortnite website I went on this to laugh at the cringe that is on this website, Im hearing it every minute I want I hearing this song when im gaming and i game almost all time­­ RoxasPlaysPiano yes you do so do i lol See a therapist Ill meet you in the waiting room as a patient cuz I also have a problem watched this at least 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

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