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GOOD OLD DAYS. I played fortnite and was 8 these was good times Destructive - Gaming which one is CDN Trapper, like you commenting on this So your ignoring on how much money it made how much ppl who played it in this game was fucking everywhere this game was on trending and still is it still gets alot of views on mixer and other platforms. Ya man I started playing Fortnite at 11 and now Im disappointed to see that now the new 11 year olds are all sweats I wasnt a sweat when I was 11 I was laughing and playing with my friends and brothers What does that have to do with anything Du beter dig som om du skulle vara 9 9 och lyssna p en rapare som gjorde musik p 80 och 90 talet that makes no sens jag r 14 inte 9 Jag r 14 vad har jag gjort som gr mig 9 Yalla yalla bror yani sg till de, the aim smoothing from using the controller is disgusting compared to mouse Naja.

its really hard. When i get a kill: IM A BEAST LETS GO!!. shows the genuine people act the same as they would normally be.

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