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I am 19. I started in 4 and it was fun mostly because playground and 50v50. Me and my friends r still good friends and we still talk to eachother everyday playing Minecraft but we miss Fortnite. CA W Im not saying people are at a equal skill level Im just saying its so easy on console, sure not on the level of some of the others in this website but hes still pretty good InsanelySane thank you all i am sayin though is if u think hes trash ( hit clipz) then dont even comment on a comment talkin about delirious Abraham Carmina apparently u havent seen delirious play cause every solo he rushes he only camps to get a highlight Thats what Im saying, but for once I am thankful for the website algorithm?

Just came from the gmod vid Marly the dragon god I came for Delirious to That legendary laugh tho Same!. most people now play it only for fame or ad revenue Honestly Planes and the newly added cars were fun and unique.

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