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Also there shouldve been a huge edit delay. HOP ROCKS ACTUAL GOOD GUNS AND THEY WERENT VAULTING EVERYTHING:( It is hard now, what if he dosnt really watch fortnites streams Karny Shiloh i dont even watch fortnite Chanel and i still know its him Who watching this in season 5 (YEET!) If you visit season 7 now thisis how you die Killed by a plane You get Finished less than 1 sec SMG spams And then fortnite add these trash weapons which arent useful I have never played Fortnite but this song is good In the clip one of the people he killed was me Double g, I am in tears cause of these good days of fortnite and when fortnite actually played fortnite I just love going on this app watching old vids like this when times was much calm and easy love u fortnite The Good old days when fortnite was this cool.

I do I even have it on my Xbox Spotify Impossible, if you have a epic or legendary its better than a scar Well u cant expect the game to be the same all the time players will find new ways to be better DruzaxFN exactly. Dakotas was nice and smooth Damn his voice was smooth NerdOut.

Fortnite sucks!.

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