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Cameron Watson Wym he plays a lot of games and the chances of playing with fortnite arent that low cuz he plays with 99 other people all the time so I just laughed when I saw him eating­ Now i dont know why he is not like that anymore he is not getting that same amount of vews that he used to get i am sad for him man hope he will be the same guy who plays fn and always entertaining The general game sound effects like when you pick up a weapon gets me nostalgic­ When you didnt have to burn 500 mats for 1 killÔ­ I miss this Fortnite.

MY 1000 KILL LETS GO ­­ fortnite: Wait Im used to that; whatever ­ You know just thinking about it. Fabvl did good too. I Think You Can not Return. brohad a loud keyboard?

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