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Startghost por favor quiero ver una partida de lolito vs fortnite Startghost dont speak a different language on someones channel where the websiter is english I See all these comments from people who came back after YEARS just to get a small piece of this feeling from the good old times.

And also the old fortnite donating sound, the days when you didnt have to build like a giraffe having a seizure and just enjoy playing a simple game, good times Back when this was tryharding. he still wins but its more entertaining Bro 220 ti the head with a grey pump Haters will say its all RPG fans will say its all RPG Dammmmmmn. He won it for the Mac and cheese kid Almost 4 years old, if that, S9 killed you.

I think it was season 2 Season 2 was definitely the best no stupid tryhards just there for fun nobody was that good not a trillion guns ahhh the good days The Destroyer bro same the people arent good like us they just have unfair guns that need nurfed Im a season 2 player also. They should have added ceez in it. Fuck man this makes me sad seeing how fun this was, first 4 season was really memories It was 3 years ago its crazy how fast its been No matter what changes they do.

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