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Im just so tired of people complaining about people using a key feature of the game and over exaggerate how much we do it when they could easily just make a new acount to play with noobs Yeah. Subject Delta ő totally, the last time I streamed on Twitch was probably about 3 months ago lol, those times were so fun.

Fortnite: sypher wont play with me Also fortnite: uhhhh uhhhwoeh ohheaaa Claim youre ‚early people‚ ticket here' Its been almost 4 years since this absolute beauty, looking for jobs and shit, season 1 to 8 were the best.

0 Im the last one of those friends who even thinks to hop on the game for a second nowadays. I want to go back :( Heres a song I will remember forever I wish I could go back to these days Everybodys building ramps thats useless rip Even though fortnite is dead this song will never be dead what a masterpiece I rember in 3rd grade I memorized the whole thing ū Everything was good when this song was popular Dusty has been blurred for me by mechs rip OG dusty I started playing fortnite when i was 11 I live in australia and its probs different i was born in 2007 and last month was my birthday and im in year 7 Lord Gonk Droid the average age for year 7 is 13 Crusader yo but lord gronk is the one insulting me when Im 13 and he calls me 8 Crusader I think ur confused its that Lord Gonk Droid insulting like why does he randomly talk crap in website u should be talking to him not me Crusader and u dont even apologise to me idrc tho Imagine being butthurt for someone insulting and disliking fortnite, I wanted to reminisce over when I loved fortnite Loot lake was such a nightmare to get across haha, which reminds me why I quit the game ‚im in the hill tops,views real nice I like that part,but the best one is CDNthe3rd TrollBearZ 9 yeah u right i loved that laugh Yeah.

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