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fortnite: dancing on knocked player Also fortnite: hes dancing on me oh hes STREAM SNIPING The longer i listen to this song the more i understand hitlers perspective on the world. Alxander Spetz also, and well, hence the one pellet missed, now its just a bunch of tryhard builders and marvel skins running around so incredibly sad to see Played the new fortnite? Fortnite Pro11 Lamest Fortnite joke ever I think he said on stream that he isnt interested in Halo at all right now Darth boner its actually a good game imo.

BoxInTheJack console is easier because of control and you guys have aim assist Sergio Garcia he would still be good on console due to his knowledge of the game and dont forget that he was a pro halo player so he is obviously used to a controller Controller is easier if you ask me lol Sergio Garcia aim assist is put in place to make it easier, fortnite nostalgia hit me harder than puberty. Yeah I dunno why I went so toxic but obviously old Fortnite was better, best in the world in my eyes Travis M.

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