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Just a bunch of no lifes that dont go outside. builder pro was when ppl started to evolve Look up my fortnite tracker have fxith. After all these years, have 41 solo wins. Still is wym oh you play apex makes sense why you say that Yup the good old days of chapter 1 season 1 2 and 3 They just started to remove shit that didnt need to remove and they made the game look ugly as shit It is you just gotta try and find it, very difficult to understand what problem you are having, i remember being so hyped about fortnite, Fortnite is fun for me, Im waiting for ya everyday, Im not quite good as the tryhards but I learn fast I got a good amount of wins How tf can they build a burj khalifa True i dont mind crankers i appreciate the sweats skill but they dont put anything new or original now.

I still cant do anything to these guys.

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