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(Watch the whole vid with 1. When we didnt need 3000 mats to win a fight, and I play the game just because of my friends that still play it. now every website family is on the verge of divorce over it I dead ass wanna cry rn.

Some of the best memorys I have. The seasons that were good was when they didnt add complex mechanics and everything was simple! Yeah Dakotaz HEY your good at it but you and fortnite are like so good but sorry I picked fortnite I think hes tiny bit better and I talk about your sniperx Dakotaz in my opinion your the best fortnite player i know and in the rap battle i think you won There making fun of ur snips and there saying that u dont now how to snip I sub in ur chanel Peace.

i had so much mfn fun that shit.

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