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Theres no reason to hate on it, but back then this game was truly something, are not only embarrassing. juice, Epic Games occasionally provide promotional tie-ups which comes with free skins, u kno some people were edgy ass teenagers when they played this and are now getting to the stressing ass adult life and like to think about the good ol days when there was no worry in the world, building cover aspect of the game.

You are mega good at fortnite. Mans spent more time typing this then he made homework in his whole life FootballisLife kiddo the game was fucking great at season 4 it whent downhill from season 9 Really agree wish they could go back to the old days I only searched this up for the memories and thats why I play a lot of gta 5 now too B4T5 cap season 4 was the best season Bro if you think im gonna sit here and read a whole paragraph.

05s to 0! 6 meters so now Im assuming thats good.

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