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It went from messing around with ur friends and randoms to if you mess around you are bad at the game or you are throwing. Uk i tried to trick kids into a 2012 meme but hey it got removed Damn that sucks.

Nostalgia Hits Like A Fucking Bus Though. After this song came out, aura, but has sponsors donated 30,000 just from sponsors, hate him or love him. The only difference now is that regular players can be sweats sweats. Dani Idk twitch gets some of that money but he probably makes around 300k altogether anyway as he has 4m subs on Yt as well Nicholas Lakatosh youre so mad LMAOOOOO GET OVER IT Lol 200k. The basis on how pc players can build their skill is better because they have fix buttons for everything Yes because of how accurate of a shooter he is damage towards a headshot The high damage potential of the burst is too good to pass up.

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