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All the players in this website that fortnite just killed are most probably sweats right now Whoever says that fortniteHyper (Old fortnite) is bad literally hasnt lived a proper life.

When did u start playing fortnite used to be a game where u and the boys could hop on and play without kids building towers in 6 seconds and messageing you to delete that game when u kill them My little brother is a tryhard and he always calls himself for PRO in hes gaming names.

I almost forgot. Elliot JT12 Jesus Christ man. wow Quotes exactly from Fortnites Kinda Dying by Mccreamy (no hate) Eion Spatz me miss season 1 2 3 4 5 6 He copyed mc creamy alert alert ū It was always fine until we started trying I love fortnite and my cus make fun so you know what I did I 1v1 him and I killed him with the worst gun and he had a sniper Eion Spatz and when fortnite wasnt dead and actually good Eion Spatz when ur watching this because you watched Mccreamys ‚Fortnites Kinda Dying‚ song 15 times straight Eion Spatz I would do anything to go back to when sky bases were possible and no sweats Eion Spatz stop COPYING OR GET BANNED I think he lisend to mcreamy song actualy mcreamy song is pretty good Remeber the good ol days when Jarvis wasnt banned Your comment is just mccreamy song go get a life think for yourself Dakotaz should get hired and bring the back the good old vibes from fortnite Fnatic_Kilshot I was just saying thaūū Fortnites kinda dying we still play the game and we close it crying We all know that we his all verses fand Im mc creamys song Yeah I am in quarantine and seeing it If you are still playing you are still having a good time, time hits different these days Crazy thing is I cant remember most of those days I just know we must have played squads basically every night for a year straight great times.

Sniped from above, youre extremely horrible Ahhhhhh. :( Im a sweat but I dont sweat like freaking streamers, 2, I dont think its the games fault, and i die instantly :v Many people play fornite a lot and they are really bad, fortnite is the most famous fortnight player Yoh tachy: but now he does not even play anymoreū He dont play anymore hes a valorant main fortnite IS KING HE STILL DOES OWN THE WHOLE WORLD HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT LORD fortnite LIKE THAT fortnite is worse at Fortnite than me and Im bad No never say that again fortnite IS LORD AND KING AND FOREVER WILL BE No one beat fortnite hes too powerful and holy Yes it is, good job!, and back then people werent sweating their ass off to get 21 kills, he probably has a gaming pc worth a couple grand Probably has a 1080TI graphics card, like this if u here too Lmao the rpg came in clutch this whole game for him Can we take a moment to appreciate how this got 33 million views 3 years after he posted it I wish i played it back then, Im just saying alot of people who play it dont like Fortnite, others were just a verse, now were just addicted I missed the old map now they say that is going to be underwater When Fortnite was a good game, you realise that this game is actually really fun and you really want your first win and you want your 10th win because you heard you get a ‚golden umbrella‚ for getting ten wins.

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