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Fabvl 1:11 2. just because ive had this utube acc for 2 years doesnt mean i played fortnite 2 years ago wtf Mad people were already building by then I mean if u wanna add me ill show u my season 2-4 skins U can go back and watch any gameplay from season 5 people were building cuz i think builder pro was out i dont remember what season it came out with tho!

Fortnite you are literally the best! One is 1v1 with the pikaxe, it is actually somewhat decent again. IS BETTER ZAXY IS ME IM THE KING U KNOW ME SoaR zaxy better bee ready everyone Fortnite used to be so much better it is hardcore trashhhhhh Just wanna stay still know all the lyrics this was my childhood for 2 years Y u listening to it then u must be listening to it to get to the comments.

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