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The OGs will rise again one day There not ready for my magnum shlomger You seem to be the only one who doesnt get it. Im Dr. bad Nope watched this several times Nick Hunter if you dont know they said that thing 2 times Always hype never Lockey Im the king you know me He is the music in between, just the bush. Definitely fire Sorryurdone 23 I havent watched this in forever I just decided to and I now realize how much more enjoyable the game used to be Who is watching this after they made a part 2 for the fortnite rap battle Before Mechs Before Planes Before the sweats Before the game was ruined I really want the og seasons back :(( H20 delirious is da best hide in them bushes I think delirious snapped the most lowkey I havent listened to this in so long and I remember the song Is no one going to mention H2O deliriouss in the song, thats just frustrating.

Its only dead when Epic stops updating it and no one likes unupdated games. CDN!. Dude dont lie.

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