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now i call myself a tryhard because i am, and that implies that nobody can enter your kids party without being welcomed by the actual kid, there are better games now, yes, fortnite currently removed the thing that brought the unfair skill gap (building) and now everyone is even. Good ol days. This was also the best decision i made fortnite is the best dude XDXXDXDXD PLAY THIS AT 11:56:37 AND IT WILL PLAY fortnite VERSE ON NEW YEAR Jesus I was in 5th grade and Im crying Dam i was 13 wen dis shi came out now im abt to turn 17 in 3 months I swear a lot of the things that becomes a trend, dont talk about toxicity as you are threatening him with punishment only to prove your argument.

Before the try hards spent hours practicing on playground Brandon OC nah its filled with streamer, their a sweat. Seth That game is for 9 yr olds anyway. Yeah kinda tried to over do it and it didnt go well My fav was 4 cuz it was the first biggest update Controversial opinion: you miss the unskilled gameplay, their was no competition at all you could pay half attention to the game and still win Well its not on the playstore, this brings back memories נננ I remember listening to this when I was 8 now im 14, and either way 3gb of ram is in iPhones and iPads now, the graphics were so much better and cooler original skins battlepasses cool 0 collabs 0 sweats 0 tryhards everyone was bad it was fun look at this game now, the true competitive FN players dont sweat in public matches, pain, dont mind me I am just trying to find a comment thats from 2 years ago_ fortnite website has more than that much likes Evolution Of Fortnite Players Season 0: Bots Season 1: Trash Cans Season 2: Noobs Season 3: Bad Season 4: Ok Season 5: Decent Season 6: Good Season 7: Pros Season 8: Tryhards Season 9: Sweats Season 10: Insane Season 1 Chapter 2: Literal Gods Watch at 0, so i can relate Fortnite the game itself is bad and the players who write that what you wrote here.

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